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Safari Album

Safari Album

Price: free since 05/09 untill 09/09. Usual price 1,99$

5th – 9th of September – both of the Apps (safari album & poems for little children) are FREE. And I can send specially for you very nice screenshots:)

«Safari Album» – iPad Application for kids by “FounDreams”.
Hello, team. I’m Irina Gavrilova from FounDreams company.
We are proud to announce the release of our colorful and nice iPad App for kids.
Our team created a kind, original application of high quality for kids.
We’ll appreciate if you take the time to write on your site some words about our App “Safari Album” (or, for example, in the article about Apps for kids). We also would like to present “Poems for little children”. It’s a quite simple but very nice App.

Safari Album

“Safari album” is a bright colorful Application for toddles. Our artists have painted it with trepidation and love. This App has been made to entertain your child, to help him learn more about animals of 3 landscape areas and to develop his movements.
Your child will meet amazing inhabitants of the mysterious Jungle, the hot Savannah and the dense woods.
Turn over the page of the album, erase the white layer which hides the animal and make him alive!
Click the text and the professional announcer will tell you very interesting facts about the animal on the picture. Since all of them are discovered you can switch to Quiz Game and test your level of knowledge.

Unique feature of our album is the presence of objects. At first sight they have nothing to do with the animals. For example, you can ask: “Why are there headphones at the page with the giraffe?” BUT! No “Buts” about it! Just try to move them, bring them to his head and… let a miracle occur! :-) We gave you a hint at giraffe, let your child find the rest of the right variants.
No doubt, it will make him full of joy!

• unusual format of the interactive illustrated book;
• 3 albums with the animals;
• quiz;
• funny sounds and music;
• excellent design;
• professional announcer;
• easy interface.


Our Journalist’s opinion.

I like watching my children exploring new game on the part of the journalist and on the part of their mother. Thanks to the App, my hyperactive son has been calm remained for an hour while he has been moving his forefinger around the screen of the tablet.
Together we washed the hippo in the bog, changed the color of the zebra striping, used a feather to tickled the crocodile, fed the bear with berries and the parrot with an ice-cream.

The animals made funny sounds. They meowed, screamed, twittered and growled and it amused my son very much!
It was the erasing the white mask what my son was interested the most! Children like surprises. The developers hit the mark!

The amusing Quiz became a pleasant bonus. I was convinced that he had memorized some facts. My son was glad that he had answered correctly almost all the questions.

In my opinion, the application has quite a big size (about 100 Mb). But it’s the only disadvantage. In other respects the App is very good and positive. I recommend “Safari Album” to moms. It is very pleasant for reading with kids on iPad.