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Sakura SRS

Sakura SRS

Price: 6.99

Learn Japanese with Dynamic, Intelligent Flash Cards!
Special Limited Time Introductory Price!!

Sakura SRS helps you study Japanese using Spaced Repetition System based Flash Cards which intelligently schedules cards to optimize your learning and memorization.

Sakura SRS features a fun, dynamic and engaging user interface to keep you motivated learning.

Currently all of the 2009 Joyo Kanji are included – categorized by JLPT Level 4 – Level 1 decks. JLPT Levels 3 & 4 Vocabulary items are also included.


• Study Japanese with the built in Decks using realistic interactive flash cards.
• The built in SRS system will keep track of which cards you need to study and when is best to study them to help you learn new items and to remember them long term.
• Create your own cards! You can add any items you need – from Vocabulary and Sentences or any type of information you want. You can create new categories and decks for items to keep them organized.
• Bookmark Cards if you come across something you want to mark in particular. You can find and filter your cards to come back them them quickly and easily again.
• Search through the database of all the cards in Sakura SRS by typing in part of any of the information on a card to find it no matter where it is.
• Set how many cards you want to study each day if you find you have too many or too few cards to study for your taste.