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Price: 0,99

SexDiary is an application which gives you the way to look at your sexual life through the honest eyes of your friends. Thanks to SexDiary you will be able to save and remember all the private moments you spent with all the partners you met in your entire life, getting a realistic feedback on your sexual life . SexDiary is actually not just a diary but a real nice friend, to share your sexual experiences with, telling you all the things nobody ever told you. This is possible thanks to the dynamic comments SexDiary got, one for each moment you spent with your partners. The application is basically made by three sections, plus the settings interface. Before you start using SexDiary it’s very important filling your profile with information such as your sexuality, the importance of fantasy, creativity and romanticism have in your sexual life etc…
One of the sections of SexDiary is entirely dedicated to Partners. You can insert partners and specify the type, the physical characteristics, the contacts and the skills they had in bad. Through the Vote System SexDiary will make you understand how important your partners were for you. For every partner you insert you’ll be able to see a list of all the moments you spent together. The most important feature of the application is the possibility to Create Events. Thanks to this function SexDiary will analyze the information you give all the events, showing you a realistic judgement of your sexual life. SexDiary, in more, got a section called “Targets”; Every user can set new objectives or decide to reach the ones proposed by the application. Thanks to the targets everyone will be able to shake their sexual life, trying to go over their limits too. SexDiary help the couples first!