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Price: $2,99


I am very happy to announce that the SUPER UPDATE of Sfera\’s is finally available in the AppStore !

This SUPER UPDATE includes a Shop, a Paint Kit, the compatibility with the iPod touch 4, etc. The application will be FREE from the 2011/06/18 (00:00GMT) to the 2011/06/19 (24:00 GMT)!!

This all new update includes the following new features:

* Compatibility with the iPod Touch 4!
* The geolocation of your photos is now possible!
* A Shop has been added! (to find the shop, please go to the Settings screen)
Now you can buy a paint kit to draw on your pictures, many color filters and the adjustment function of contrast/brightness!
* The gyrometre function replaces the current compass function (to avoid the compass related problems). The photo session is more accurate than ever!
* Interface modifications: the application is now more intuitive and easier to use!

About Sfera
Sfera is the first application on Android which can realize easily fantastic 360 degree photo. It is possible to record a 20 second sound sequence during the photo shooting.

The sound recording is automatically added to the photo and is played during its visualization. The user can record sounds around him or leave a message without any specific manipulation.

The combination of 360 degree pictures and sounds creates a new dimension for the photography. Thanks to its simple use, Sfera can immortalize moments anywhere at any time by taking “magical” 360 degree photos.


Demo movie:
Photo sample:
iTunes link:

May you please relay this announcement on your website? or make a review of the application?
If you need a promo code, please let me know!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Thank you very much for your time and your attention!