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Simple Period

Simple Period

Price: 0.99

2Y Factory is pleased to announce Simple Period, their monthly menstruation tracking calendar app. With a calendar that allows users to track information on menstrual cycles, symptoms, dates of intimacy, basal body temperature, and more, this Health & Wellness app provides detailed information on menstrual periods and predicted ovulation and fertility calculations. Providing accurate daily tracking, Simple Period gives women accurate information to make informed decisions about reproductive health.

The situation when the period is not stabilized and it starts suddenly can be very annoying for a woman. Simple Period eliminates this worry by providing users with tools that help them plan accordingly for upcoming dates of menstruation. Users may set an alarm to notify them of an upcoming period or anticipated date of ovulation. This alarm may be set for a specific time and can be designated for up to 7 days before the anticipated commencement of a menstrual cycle or ovulation, allowing women to be prepared.

Simple Period users can conveniently manage menstrual cycles, expected period dates, anticipated ovulation days, and more with this easy to use app. Providing fertility information that is useful for parents-to-be preparing for pregnancy, users wishing to avoid pregnancy, women tracking their periods for health reasons or contraception, and couples wishing to plan times of intimacy around a woman\’s cycle, Simple Period provides a number of useful tools.

* Easy to use touch calendar
* Records important dates for menstruation and intimacy
* Calculations for anticipated dates for ovulation and fertility
* Customizable daily memos and symptom tracker
* 3 month projections
* Alarms for expected periods and ovulation
* Supports reproductive methods including BBT and biorhythms
* One-touch backup with Google calendar
* 3 themes designs

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