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Slot Life – Pirates

Slot Life – Pirates

Price: $1.99

Welcome aboard Captain!

Show everyone you can be the best pirate of all time and make your enemies to respect your name along the Seven Seas in this exclusive game for iPhone / iPod Touch. Hunt treasures buried by other pirates, take the booty sinking and boarding their ships, and challenge them to a rum’s fight or try to get luck playing dices.

Slot Life – Pirates is a slot machine game which has been developed to be as faithful as possible to a real one. You will be able to take advantage from advances and wheel locks to get the luck to your side. You will have 2 machines to play (one lower with basic prizes and one upper with the best ones). Enjoy 4 exciting mini games like: Rum’s Challenge, Naval Battle, Treasure Hunt and Dices! Collect pearls to play in the upper slot machine and get best prizes. Try to get all the prizes given by the game and get your place in the global ranking with the best pirates!


* Slot machine game as faithful as a real one.
* 2 Slot machines to play with!
* The game has an ending, no more play without a final objective.
* Advances and line locks in the lower machine and multiple bets in the upper one.
* Play against the slot machine in 4 exotic mini games where you can improve your score.
* Game system intuitive and easy to learn.
* Global Ranking in Open Feint. Are you a dread pirate or a landlubber?
* Achievements system. Are you sure you can collect all the slot machine prizes?