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Price: Free

Studies about Picture Superiority Effect (PSE) have shown that pictures are better remembered than words. In fact, a single picture can convey enough information for a person to easily remember things as oppose to reading written texts. This is why Snap-A-Note is a very useful application that follows the theory of Picture Superiority Effect (PSE). By simply tapping your screen, you can instantly take a photo of the item that you need to remember such as a price tag, book cover or wine label, and send the picture you took to your email or your friend’s email. Remembering tasks and things doesn’t get any snappier than this.

Key Features:

Instantly create photo notes

Predefine email address(es)

Opt to auto-save pictures in your Camera Roll

Include written messages to accompany your photo for a more effective reminder

What’s Good About It:

Easy to use – Snap-A-Note’s interface is simple and easy to use as it has been optimized according to the preference of users. With just a tap, you can instantly take a picture of an item and send the photo to your email or your friend’s email. You can even include a written message/note when you email the photo you took for a better description of the task or item that you or your friend have to do or purchase.

Set photo/ message size – One of the good things about Snap-A-Note is that the photos you took can be scaled into three different sizes when you are about to send it: Small (33.6KB), Medium (81.2KB), and Actual Size (500KB).

Send to Multiple Email Addresses – If you are going to use the photo you took as an invitation, Snap-A-Note allows you to send your photo note to multiple addresses at once. You can even send it to all the addresses in your device’s contact list.

Regardless of the email service you are using, you can send the photo you took without any hassle.

NOTE: Before you start using Snap-A-Note, make sure to set up your device’s mail settings and input your e-mail settings in Snap-A-Note’s automatic option.