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Snoozr Aviator – Smart Vintage Alarm Clock

Snoozr Aviator – Smart Vintage Alarm Clock

Price: Free

Snooze your way up!
Snoozr is a free, easy to use, alarm clock app with an insightful Snooze Span that simplifies the way you get up.
Is your alarm list longer than your contact list? Well… We have an app for you!
Snoozr needs only one input – Uptime and our sophisticated algorithms automatically generate a Snooze Span leading up to that point.
If you want even more control you can manually adjust the Snooze Span and Intensity to fit your morning wake up routine perfectly.
Snoozr Aviator Edition alarm is an advanced vintage alarm that can be customized to tailor everyone’s sleeping routine. With unique snooze behavior and progressive intensity alarms Snoozr has everything you\’ll ever need to get up, just the way you want.
Inspired by the legendary timepieces specifically built to exacting military standards. These exceptional watches have served professional pilots and are now available on your phone.
Loaded with beautiful graphics, an intuitive interface that has been designed with great attention to detail and a rich list of features, Snoozr steps into a new era of smart alarms.
Snoozr principles have been tested by users for most satisfaction with great success while its algorithms have been designed using most recent sleep science.
How it works: Set your preferred Uptime and Snoozr will calculate a series of alarms that will rapidly increase in frequency.
It\’s the easiest and most natural way to get up fresh.
Features: Snoozr Aviator Edition is inspired by the legendary style of watches known for their vintage design and precision. This precision is applied on the Snooze Span which calculates when to start waking you up based on the set Uptime.
If you want to customize your waking up experience you can adjust Snooze Span, Intensity and Intervals in Settings.
One of the special features is the sound. You can choose from 7 different analogue sound recordings featuring real instruments. Regular alarm sounds are either boring, easily ignored or they feel like a jack hammer next to your head while the natural sound of Snoozr Aviator Edition alarm gets you up in the morning without the added stress.

Intuitive Interface
One Tap = Multiple Snoozes
Adjustable Snooze Span
Adjustable Snooze Intensity
Fluid Graphics
Analogue Alarm Sounds

+ More features coming soon