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Sound Pedometer GPS

Sound Pedometer GPS

Price: $2.99

Sound Pedometer GPS

We add the sounds of footsteps to pedometer.
These are crystal effect, boots, high heels, robot walk, cartoon step, kick drum and so on.
(This is not a joke application!)

Pedometer with the step sound has three advantages.
1. You can know the correct step count .
2. Easy to adjust your setting of pedometer.
3. Very fun!

Also our pedometer has the alert of each distance and/or each step count.

Other feature:
– Easy to see GPS status.
– Recording path you moved and viewing that by Google Map.
– Save the data of start/stop date, step, distance ,path and send them by email.(csv format and map url)
– Two GPS path recording mode of full time and part time(between start and stop).

Operation example:
1. Press ‘Unlock’+’Start’ button.
2. Wear your iPhone. (*1)
3. Walk, jog or run.
4. Press ‘Unlock’+’Stop’ button.
5. Check step count and so on.
6. Press ‘Save’ button.
7. Press ‘history’ tab.
8. Press a history row.
9. See your moving path on the map.
10. Press ‘Mail’ button and send your location data.

(*1) : select upper/lower switch on the setting screen
upper : recommend the pocket of shirt
lower : recommend the pocket of pants
Set a iphone on its edge or doesn’t work.
If a loose pocket, wrap a handkerchief etc. around iphone to fix a loose pocket.

more information, please visit to our website!