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Survivor Bag

Survivor Bag

Price: USD0.99

Another flashlight app? Look again! This app is created with “survivor mode” in mind. iTravelzPal is an all-in-one app for travellers as a last resort method in case of emergency. If you are stuck somewhere, be it at sea, mountain, or caves, with no GPS signal/phone signal, and all you have is your iPhone and spare battery, then this app may help to increase your chance of survival.

* TEXT TO MORSE CODE – This is probably the best feature of this app – you can type in your custom message to send via MORSE CODE light signal. (Full range of colors too)

* STROBE – this also can be used to attract attention. Strobe light with ability to change speed/frequency. (Full range of colors too)

* ALPINE DISTRESS SIGNAL – repeatedly flashing the Alpine Distress Signal. Selectable type of signal – either replying to, or sending to. (Full range colors too)

* FLASHLIGHT – customizable with full range of colors.

* SOS SIGNAL – repeatedly flashing SOS signal, with full range of colors.

* GUIDE book – a short but informative information about signalling for help for your reference wherever you are.

-Beautifully designed user interface with cool animations.

-The app starts immediately with a white light for fast usage.

– At the lights viewing, the buttons are conveniently positioned at the corners of your iphone screen. In a distress condition, you surely do not want unnecessary touches/gestures change the color/switch off the light while you are struggling climbing a mountain/etc!.

* Added sound for both Morse Code tool and SOS signal.
* Sound is 1kHz frequency – which is most acceptable by all human ear.
* Improvement on user interface at the Light viewing – all buttons are auto hidden and status bar are removed to maximize light output.