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Tap Fish

Tap Fish

Price: Free

The Android gaming world is full of exciting surprises, while some of them take you to an alien planet, some other take you deep down into the adventurous water world, and so on. Talking about the latter experience, Tap A Fish is one such game that keeps you busy tapping the fishes and fight aliens throughout its 10 levels. Developed by Finoit Technologies in collaboration with C3H Ventures, the game managed to engross the attention of oodles of inquisitive brains well within only few days of its launch on Google Play and Apple iTunes. Lets review it!
Storyline: The aliens keep on swallowing the fishes to lessen their population in the tank. In retaliation, little fishes face them courageously and thwart their intentions with the help of supportive pets.
How to play: The game requires you to tap on the screen repeatedly to:
Buy food with enhanced quantity and quality
Feed fishes and let them grow to larger state
Collect gold and silver coins released by Guppies, the small fishes
Populate the tank with Guppies and let Carnivores, the bigger fishes, feed on them
Collect diamonds released by Carnivores
Tap the aliens (Sea horse, Goblins and Zombies) repeatedly to kill them
Collect the pearls they release to buy pets and treasured artifacts to decorate the fish tank
Buy pets (Angie, Ethan, Melody, and more) to help Guppies fight aliens