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Tap Studio

Tap Studio

Price: FREE

TAP STUDIO is the only game that allows you to tap along to any song you have on your iPhone or iPod touch! It is a new spin on a rhythm game along the lines of Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, that gives you the power to tap the way YOU want, using any song from your music library!

Unlike other rhythm games in the App store, TAP STUDIO lets you easily make taps to any song from your library. You simply listen to a selected song, and tap along to the beat. When you are done, hit the stop button and the tap is automatically saved. Then you can play it, replace it, or tap to a new song!

Think you really know your favorite songs? Try creating a tap for them and find out!

* Use any song on your iPhone or iPod touch.
* Tap along with the music in Record mode to create your taps!
* Create tap-and-hold taps by, well, tapping and holding.
* Tap one, two or even three taps simultaneously for added difficulty.
* Play back the taps you’ve recorded and try to beat you score!
* There are three playback difficulty levels to choose from.
* All songs you record taps for are saved automatically, though there is only one tap for any specific song.
* The last 8 songs you’ve recorded or played are shown in the Recent list for quick access.
* Whenever you pick a song from your media library, if a tap exists it will be automatically loaded, whether it is in the Recent list or not.

Tap YOUR tunes! Anytime, anywhere.