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Touch & Discover: Animals

Touch & Discover: Animals

Price: 1.99

Touch & Discover: Animals is a fun and educational interactive game to help toddlers learn animal names and sounds.

The game is perfect for ages 0 to 4 as they discover the world around them. The game is nice and simple: 4 animal photos are displayed and your child touches the animal that the voiceover asks for. In addition, the animal\’s name is also presented on the screen. When the correct animal is touched, the animal\’s sound is heard and the child is encouraged to make that sound as well. If the animal\’s name is touched, the app spells out the name letter-by-letter.

57 beautiful animal photos are included, along with high quality animal sounds, including:

– Tiger
– Lion
– Panda
– Kangaroo
– Elephant
– Dolphin
– Monkey
– Owl
– Pig
– Cow
– Wolf

The game encourages your child\’s natural curiosity and enjoyment of learning. Through multi-sensory learning, your child is able to match an animal\’s spoken name, written name, photo and sound. This process helps to develop their listening, reading, spelling and speaking skills.

You\’ll experience lots of giggles as your child and you start making funny animal sounds. Best of all, your child will not even know they\’re learning – they\’ll be having too much fun! And you can take this game wherever you are – in the car, shops and at home.

We\’re confident you\’ll love Touch & Discover. Our support team is dedicated to ensure you and your child enjoy our apps. You can submit a support ticket at any time via our website and we will respond promptly.


YouTube video walkthrough: