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Tower Siege

Tower Siege

Price: Free for a limited time


We would like you to review Tower Siege on your site. It’s an amazing game and it has earned love and admiration of fans throughout the world. Tower Siege for iPhone is free during a limited time promotion.

This game combines tower defense and arcade genres in the most elegant way. Defending the Tower from enemies attacks will be up to you. Frying stick figures with electrical charges is so much fun! The action-packed gameplay will not make you bored the way ordinary tower defenses do. After the victory you won’t just brag with your highscore. You’ll have to plan the defense for the next round. We’ve designed 13 Special Weapons, so you have a tough choice to make. Each Special Weapon’s unique, for example, Earthquake won’t hurt flying enemies.That’s why Tower Siege has a great replayability. Besides, each round the enemies get more inventive, more numerous and more powerful so you won’t be able to win if you don’t use Special Weapons on the later levels. There are 15 enemy types and though the first ones are unarmed and easy to kill, the next ones have rockets and submachine guns so they can damage the Tower severely.

Tower Siege is great fun and it can both entertain you for a few minutes when you’re standing in line at the grocery store and amuse you during the whole flight

So the most interesting Tower Siege highlights are:
✓revolutionary mix of a tower defense and an arcade
✓unique upgradable Special Weapons
✓unique enemies
✓stunning visuals
✓great replay value

Tower Siege for iPhone:
Tower Siege for iPad:
The most recent press release:

We’ll be glad to provide you with as many promocodes as you need for testing of the iPad version. If you wish to run a contest or giveaway on your site, we’ll be glad to send you several promocodes.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on Tower Siege.