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Price: 2.99


Please check out a TTPlayer iphone/ipad app.
TTPlayer has more functions than any other player currently available!!! Starting with stopless playback. It is like having your own cinema in your pocket. It directly plays video files through iPhone without any complicated process. It provides “Cinema ,Voice Boost ,Bass Boost ” and many other audio effects. It makes watching videos more enjoyable. Simply and easily, files can be transfered. Using the finger gesture, you can skip or play faster.

★ TTPlayer’s features:
✔ Stopless Hi-Resolution(MKV 720P) Playback
✔ Dynamic audio effect.
✔ Multi file upload/download through web browser
✔ While playback, setting can be changed(video,audio and subtitle)

★ Supported formats

★ Video
✔ Hi-Resolution Playback
✔ Retina Display
✔ Color Highlight
✔ Flip vertical / horizontal
✔ External Display

★ Audio
✔ Many audio effects
✔ Supports Multi Streams

★ Subtitle
✔ Supports SMI multiple subtitles?
✔ Font shade/color/size/location
✔ Delaying

★ Playback
✔ Finger Jesture
1. left right push: Forward
2. right left push: Rewind
3. down up push: half times speed increase
4. up down push: half times speed decrease
✔ Background (Muti-Tasking)
✔ Display Function Message

★ File Explorer
✔ Lock Folder
✔ Hide Locked Folder
✔ Create Folder
✔ File Move/Delete/Rename

★ File Transfer
✔ Connecting USB
✔ WiFi Transfer (Supports multi files transfer)
– TTPlayer->File Transfer
– Computer browser IP input
– Click upload and choose files

Here is info page:

iTunes link:
iPhone/iPod :
iPad :

We will be glad to provide you as many promo codes as you need for
testing. If you wish to run a contest/competition for promo codes on
your site – we will also be glad to provide you several promocodes for this.

Best Regards,