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Understand Me!

Understand Me!

Price: $0,99

Understand me! – a team word game that you can play in teams (starting from 4 players), or in a group of THREE. Rules are VERY simple, the game takes you in for long hours! UM! – a cool entertainment for any occasion!

1.In the main menu choose the difficulty level
2.Choose game type (in teams or in threes)
3.In turns, lasting one minute each, try to explain as many words to your teammates, without using words or their derivatives
4.People who were guessing first will be explaining in the next round, and vice versa
5.A team that gets 100 points first wins!

In the first update a game mode for TWO players will be added, as well as a bunch of other nice new features!

If you\’re looking for an interesting group entertainment for a cool company, then the Understand Me! game is exactly for you! Divide in teams, explain and guess as many words you can within a set time limit, compete in quick-wittedness and erudition! Playing the Understand Me! is incredibly interesting, because every next game will never be like the previous one!

Just one iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is enough for the game! Play the Understand Me! at home, with your family, during holidays, parties or any other celebrations – you sure won’t get bored!
The Understand Me! will bring you tons of excitement, because:

-It contains two sets of words and phrases in Russian and in English (more than 7000 words and phrases)
-It has 3 difficulty levels: childish, normal and hard
-You can play in ANY language you’re learning now
-It has a study mode for kids, in which they can learn words together with parents
-The minimum of three people is required, but you can also play in bigger companies, dividing in teams competing against each other
-Game rules can be adjusted through the “Special settings”
-It automatically records your stats and achievements with an opportunity to send this information via e-mail
-The English and Russian word datasets will be regularly updated. Also, datasets in other languages will be released
-In addition to all its advantages, the game costs a couple of times less than its paper versions

The game Understand Me! is as exciting and breathtaking as are traditional team board games. It can sustain fun in your company of friends for hours! The game wonderfully develops speech, communication and oratory skills! Those of you studying foreign languages can significantly speed up the process – just explain words in the language you’re studying!

At the same time the game Understand Me! doesn’t require any special preparation or difficult rules to learn – even kids can play it!

With the Understand Me! you won\’t have to always carry huge boxes and prepare big playing space for you game. Travel with ease – all you need is one iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

You won\’t have to pay dozens of bucks or quid for the board game! The game Understand Me! costs times less than its traditional versions, but at the same time has all of their advantages and none of their disadvantages!

Understand Me! – the game to excite you for hours, over and over again!

Here you can watch a video that demonstrates the game process and main game features: