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When Music Performs the Best: 3D Music Player

When Music Performs the Best: 3D Music Player

Price: Free

The best of iPhone applications is here. Beating all the music player applications in the market arrives the 3D Music Player. True to its name it is Pro, plays music and is 3D! The iPhone/iPod music experience will never be the same again with the use of this powerful application that promises to convert the ordinary music output of your portable device into something much more and much real. The 3D.STEREO mode of this application makes the music on your iPhone, an experience to count on with its realistic and 3D stereo quality output that will dance on your senses and breathes pure joy! That’s a tad overboard, I know, but this unique application certainly captures the user’s attention in more ways than one.

The technology used, for instance audio post processing, is certainly not a child’s game and is based on psychoacoustics, the science of perception of sound by the human ear. The five modes of this application each create unique and professional sound quality unparalleled in any other sound enhancing application on the iPhone.
The variety of modes and multiple functionality of 3D Music Player helps you enjoy music and share the experience with everyone around you. For example, the ON.STAGE Control mode of the application is effective for helping you feel that you are listening in the auditorium or in the football stadium. The acoustical environment that the simple application creates can be used to entertain hundreds of people by simply connecting the playlist to the sound system in the concert hall or podium. The output delivered by the 3D Music Player creates the right amount of surround quality and can be combined with other functionalities like the G.EQ Control or the SPEED/PITCH control to manipulate the music in any way you want. You can speed up the song, slow it down, change the concentration of the pitches and you can use the equalizer to change the moods and the intensity of the output. A well-developed application is one that provides a multitude of options for its users and 3D Music Player definitely cuts into the top block with its incredible technology, user-based applicability and versatility in options provided.

There are any number of ways you can use the 3D Music Player, but the most enjoyable, would of course be your personal time with the application. You can connect you iPhone, iPad or iPod to your own docking system and enjoy the surround output of the music player through your very own set. While not all docking systems are bound to be compatible with the application, users can be assured that they will enjoy superior sound quality and surround experience even through their inexpensive set of speakers through the use of this application.

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