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Price: 1.99

San Jose, Costa Rica – November 07, 2011 – Xytrox is a Multiplayer FPS online game over 3G and WiFi available for iPhone and iPod touch based on Spaceship environment with improved game modes.

The main variant in the Xytrox is the existence of Orbs, originally in FPS games whenever a player kills an enemy will get a Frag, in Xytrox things does not work in that way. As a new way of making the matchs more challenging and aggressive for players whenever a player gets kill will drop an Orb, and the player who cause the kill will not get a Frag score, the Frag will be obtained by whoever picks up the Orb. In other words, in order the get a frag all you need to do is pick up the Orb of the dead player, even if you wasn’t the one who kill the player.

The game modes included in this release are DeathMatch, Team DeatchMatch and Last Man Standing, also Xytrox comes with:
– Multiplayer support up to 8 players.
– 4 Maps, 5 Weapons, 8 Different Spaceships.
– Joystick-Style control as well as Gyroscope control.
– Optimized for iPhone 4 and iOS 5.

About BlackBrain Studios
It´s a indie company just formed by Brian Carrillo, owner, lead programmer, graphic artist and sole former of the company located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Xytrox is the first game however there are many other projects ahead and we are very exited about them. Developing games means living our passion and we really love while doing it.

For information:
App Store link:
YouTube Game Teaser:

– Recommended for iPhone 3Gs, iPod Touch 3G or superior.
– WiFi or 3G connection.
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